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Designing ideas
Since 1997

Event design


Our designs don't begin life on a Mac or drawing board. The design of an event starts primarily in the mind. Because if you want to perfectly combine individuality and sustainability, creativity and guidance, it all comes down to smart planning.


We plan, design and visualise – your visions and our ideas.

"The details are not the details, they make the design."


(Charles Eames)



Our designs are outstanding, not only because they have been mentioned in the Event Design Yearbook.

Above all, because they perfectly combine creativity, quality and efficiency. Of course with the highest standards and at the highest level – individually tailored to every project.



We also use state of the art technologies behind the scenes. You can already see this when we first unveil our designs.

3D plans and visualisations are created in our own programming studio. They fill our ideas and concepts with life from the word go – and realistically depict the desired effect.



Big ideas are good. And it's even better if they can be made a reality. Our creative staff know exactly what is possible .They are not only visionaries but also 'implementers'.

Our designs therefore always include detailed installation and work plans, which serve as a basis for realisation.

Designing Ideas

Since 1997